Will I Be Sore Forever?

Posted by Strong4Me Fitness on Apr 16, 2019

When you are new to a fitness routine, or are just getting started with working out, you may be feeling some muscle soreness after a sweat shesh. If you’re participating in intense workouts, this feeling can last for days and may seem like this will last forever. Don’t worry, it won’t. But it’s important to understand that as you grow your muscles and build strength, it is normal to experience soreness. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to minimize the pain while you’re maximizing your fitness.  

The reason for muscle soreness is simple. When you strength train, microscopic tears occur in your muscle fibers, as they regenerate you grow stronger and your muscles become sore. Whenever you work muscles that haven’t been utilized in some time, soreness is to be expected. You can minimize this discomfort by stretching and lengthening the muscles. This can help relax the muscles causing distress.

The best way to prevent soreness is to be consistent with your workouts. However, there are a few moves you can do to reduce soreness.

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Get Your Stretch On

It is extremely important to stretch the target muscles for that workout session. Working out with tight muscles increases the chance of injury and will significantly increase your soreness post-workout. Stretching those muscles will loosen them, increase flexibility and increase blood flow.  

Warm Up

It’s tempting to get right to it and skip the warmup, especially if you’re on a time crunch. By skipping a warmup you’re depriving your body of a necessary step in the weight training process. While stretching helps loosen tight muscles, warm ups alert the muscles that work is to come. Warm ups slowly cranks up the cardiovascular system. Blood flow is important for the muscles to be at their top-level of performance. It also increases the amount of oxygen your muscles receive and helps transport the proteins necessary to rebuild and grow your muscles.

Cool Down

After you’ve finished a Strong4Me workout you should cool down to prevent as much soreness as possible. Cooling down your muscles is just as essential for a complete workout as warming up. The process gives your cardiovascular system a chance to regulate blood flow to the muscles. An effective cool down lasts for at least 5-10 minutes. All it takes is gradually decreasing the pace near the end of the workout session and intentionally stretching out the muscles you worked so hard. This will help with blood flow again, and good circulation can help to replenish the proteins the body needs to build muscles.

Foam Rolling

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Foam rollers are an amazing tool that you can use to prevent and alleviate muscle soreness. You can use them to prime your muscles in a warmup but also they are extremely helpful during the healing, muscle building process. Manipulating the muscles with this roller massage helps them loosen up and feel much better if you’re experiencing soreness.

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Drink Water and Pay Attention to Your Nutrition.

Your body performs best when you fuel it with the right foods. Staying hydrated and eating anti-inflammatory foods like pineapples, blueberries, ginger, spinach and broccoli to name a few, can help the body recover from soreness. In fact, the Anti-Inflam Booster Shot from Urban Remedy is an exclusive to the Kate Upton Meal Plan and was specially formulated to help the body recover after a workout to prevent soreness and promote the growth of strong, lean muscles.   

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Soreness with Strong4Me

“My favorite thing about Ben is his practical attitude towards fitness. He doesn’t make workouts so hard that I can’t walk the next day or don’t have enough energy to make it through the day. But, they’re extremely effective and have amazing results! I think that’s key to keeping up a consistent workout routine.”

When we created Strong4Me Fitness we did so with busy women in mind. It’s not very helpful to be unable to move the day after a workout when you’ve got kids to cart around or an airplane to sit in for seven to 12 hours. The exercises were designed to be powerful but gentle on the body. We build muscles gradually to minimize soreness. Of course because you are getting stronger, your muscles are growing and your body is changing, you should expect to feel something after beginning each phase of this program. Remember to warm up, cool down, stretch, give your body the fuel it needs to perform and recover, and please, please, please try the foam rolling. It will change your life! No Joke.  

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