The Perfect Motivational Playlist To Keep Your Workout Interesting

Posted by Strong4Me Fitness on Feb 20, 2019

Let’s face it- getting and staying healthy is no easy feat. However, there are fun ways to amp your workout, help you get moving and stay motivated while you do. Music is a huge factor when it comes to working out. Put a playlist together that will keep you enthused and your energy high. That’s the difference between making your workout fun and interesting or having it drag.

Download a Great Motivational Workout Playlist

Keep your music upbeat and steady. You don’t want any ballads or intense love songs for your workout. Stick to your favorite genres of music but expand outside of the norm, especially into the dance world. The high-energy beats and sounds will get you going! Try these 40 songs to add to your current workout playlist.  

40 Songs to Add to Your Current Playlist

  1. Katy Perry- Roar

  2. The Weekend- Starboy

  3. Ciara- Level Up

  4. Calvin Harris & Rag n’ Bone Man- Giant

  5. Sia- Titanium

  6. Omi- Cheerleader (Felix Jaehn Remix)

  7. Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk

  8. Ne-yo- Beautiful Monster

  9. Donna Summer- Love is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)

  10. Beyonce’- Run the World (Girls)

  11. Jessie J- Who’s Laughing Now

  12. Sean Paul- Temperature

  13. Beyonce’- Bootylicious

  14. Shakira Featuring Wyclef Jean- Hips Don’t Lie

  15. Jack Back- (It Happens) Sometimes

  16. Lady Gaga- Dance

  17. Chris Brown Featuring Usher & Gucci Mane- Party

  18. Bruno Mars- Treasure

  19. EDX- Who Cares

  20. Maroon 5- Animals

  21. Jay Z & Kanye West- No Church in the Wild

  22. Fat Boy Slim- Right Here, Right Now (Camelphat Radio Edit)

  23. Meek Mill Featuring Drake- Going Bad

  24. Ne-yo Featuring Pitbull- Time of our Lives

  25. Keri Hilson- Pretty Girl Rock

  26. Alicia Keys Featuring Nicki Minaj- Girl on Fire

  27. DJ Khaled Featuring Rihanna- Wild Thoughts

  28. Lady Gaga Featuring Beyonce’- Telephone

  29. Seven- Lollipop

  30. Maroon 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera- Moves like Jagger

  31. Rich the Kid-Plug Walk

  32. Shakira- Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

  33. Ariana Grande Featuring Jessi J and Nicki Minaj- Bang Bang

  34. Bruno Mars- 24K Magic

  35. Ciara- Goodies

  36. Drake- Started from the Bottom

  37. Ciara Featuring Missy Elliot- One, Two Step

  38. T.I. Featuring Rihanna- Live Your Life

  39. Clyde Trevor- In the Club

  40. Nina Sky- Move Ya Body

These songs will keep you going and make you feel like dancing! Besides having a great playlist, if you don’t look forward to the act of working out, it’s likely that you won’t do it. The key is to make your workout something that you can enjoy. Try changing up some of your workouts so they don’t become a bore.

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  • Make it Fun- Integrate dance moves into some of your cardio or do a full blast sexy dance cardio workout like Zumba. Let your hair down and groove out! If you’re not a dancer, try martial arts punching and kicking techniques instead of using the machines at the gym, which can become mundane and repetitive.

  • Remember, it’s a Lifestyle- You have to approach working out as a full lifestyle change. It should become as habitual as getting dressed each day. Make it part of your life completely.

  • Don’t Beat Yourself Up- If you miss a day or two of working out or go outside the realm of your usual diet, don’t beat yourself up. You deserve a break and you deserve a chance to reward yourself. However, don’t get comfortable staying in that zone.

  • Set Achievable Goals- Whether you’re looking to lose weight or tone up, set small, achievable goals so that you can appreciate the changes that happen to your body step by step. It’s a process that takes time!

Remember to love yourself as you go through this health-seeking journey and that what you put in your body you will get out, so it’s important to eat well. Stock up on fruits and veggies to put your body into high gear and avoid eating processed foods.

For a no-brainer meal plan, check out Kate Upton’s Urban Remedy collaboration! The meal plan is full of nutrient-dense food you can grab out of the fridge after any workout!

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