The 4 Pillars of Self Care

Posted by Strong4Me Fitness on Feb 6, 2019

You hear it all the time, “Take time for yourself. Have you done something for yourself today?”  For most women these “self care” mantras can be annoying or panic attack inducing. The reality is that most women don’t practice self care, they don’t feel like they have the time. But, if you did spend just 30 minutes on you every day, you’ll find that your confidences soars, you feel lighter and stress seems to melt away like a popsicle on a hot day.

Self care is simple. It’s about taking even just a few minutes to check in with yourself to evaluate your level of happiness and think about what you can do to improve your lifestyle. It doesn’t have to be hour-long meditation sessions, or overhauling your diet in one fell swoop. There are 4 pillars to achieving self care, and they sound a little something like this.

“I think it’s really important when you’re struggling with your confidence to focus on yourself and give yourself a little ‘you time.’ Whether it’s in the morning or just going on a walk, yoga — anything to refocus on yourself and get into that good place again.” - From our founder, Kate Upton

1. Go to BED -- Sleeping is one of life’s luxuries women, mothers especially, don’t get to enjoy as much as we’d like. When there is so much to do in a day, it can seem impossible to go to bed early. But instead of binging Netflix or scrolling through your Insta feed after the sun (or kid) goes down, hit those sheets and take off to dreamland. Even getting an extra 30 minutes of sleep every night can help to reset your body and get you ready for the next day! Sleep is so important for a healthy lifestyle, do not skimp!  

2. Nourish Yourself-- One of the best things you can do for yourself is feed yourself well. It’s true what you put in, you get out. By choosing healthy, nutrient-dense foods you’ll start to feel better. You’ll be getting all the nutrients your body craves to rule your day. You may even start to notice weight loss and an overall sense of wellbeing. Healthy food isn’t boring or tasteless! Find the nuts, fruits and veggies you love and incorporate them into your daily routine. If you’re looking for a simple, nourishing, healthy meal plan Kate Upton has already teamed up with Urban Remedy to bring her favorite meals straight to your door. This meal plan is fresh, powerful and most importantly delicious! Check it out today!

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3. Exercise-- The next best thing you can do to care for yourself is to keep your body moving. Enjoying physical activity improves your mood, your stamina and your overall well being. Strong4Me was created to show every woman that she can find a small slice of her day to do something for herself. In 30 minutes each day, you can transform both your body and mind with low-impact, high-efficiency strength training exercises. When you love yourself, you love your body. When you love your body, you care for it and keep it fit!  Kate said it best, “Whenever I’m working out I definitely notice that I am calmer, I’m more centered and I feel better.”

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4. Do Something Special Just for You--Choose something you particularly enjoy, or have wanted to do for a while, and make time to do it this weekend. Always wanted to try stand-up paddle boarding, find a rental and book an excursion. Needing to get your nails done? Set a no-excuses date with yourself and make that appointment. Have you been stuck on the same chapter of your book for three months, draw yourself a bath, lock the door and get to reading! When you reconnect with yourself and do things that you enjoy, you can ward of stress and anxiety that makes your day feel so packed full. Take time to breath and just enjoy being you!

Practicing self care isn’t scary or hard, it’s about small things you do everyday to make tiny adjustments and improvements. After caring for your body with healthy sleep, nutrition and exercise you’ll find that you really do have time to be yourself, for yourself, by yourself. Self care is not selfish, you deserve it!

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