Meal Prepping 101

Posted by Strong4Me Fitness on Dec 20, 2018

Meal prepping is one of those “you’ll thank yourself in the morning” trends. But it’s so much work, right?!

How many countless hours have you spent scrolling through Instagram, seeing other women post their meal prep containers and think, “She makes it look so easy” or “I could never do that”? The truth is, meal prep does take time but it can also be a time saver.

Step 1: Choose Your Prep Day

The most important step of meal prepping is choosing a day to do it. Choose a day where you have a few extra hours to spare and knock out all of your meals for the week. In time, you’ll see that this method actually saves you the time you spend if you cook multiple days per week and are repeatedly washing the same pots and pans over and over and wasting unused food.

1.)Start by choosing a day. Plan a meal list and an ingredient list.

2.)Now take your efficient self to the grocery store and buy those ingredients.

3.)Cook it up, store it, and eat clean and easy all week long!

Step 2: Choose Your Meals

The second important step of meal prepping is, well, the meal.  Choose foods that you are comfortable cooking. Choose simple, tasty, and nutrient-packed recipes or items to save on time and frustration. By the same token, diversity is important. Just because you are picking up the same ingredients, doesn’t mean you need to prepare them the same each time.

*Pro Tip #1: Put all the titles of your favorite meal prep recipes in separate jars (one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and pull them out one at a time to help you decide what to prepare that week.

Pro Tip #2: Look for ingredients that both keep well and are nutrient-dense. For example, much of the produce aisle will not fall into this category so look for well-sustaining stuff like apples, carrots, and celery to stock up on and that you can easily roll into the following week.

Step 3: Choose Your Storage Method

Last, but not least, storage. Try to find meal-prepping containers that speak to you! There are some really cool products out there. Storage is so important in the food prep process because there’s nothing worse than spending all that time prepping meals with the intention of having them taste and present a certain way, only to have it mix with the other items in your prep (think strawberries and hard boiled eggs). Invest in some nice, reusable, and sturdy containers that will keep your food separated and fresh.

As you may have heard before, “abs are made in the kitchen.” Now, while you may or may not be doing crunches on your kitchen floor, you are probably getting the fuel for your ab workouts in the kitchen. If you are already taking the extra step to workout your body during the week (or even if you haven’t started your fitness journey yet), remember that the food we consume is just as important as they energy we plan to put out at the gym. When you have healthier meals and snacks prepared, you are less likely to skip the gym and stop for fast food and more likely to feel full and fueled for your next workout.

Remember: It Takes Practice

There’s nothing wrong with feeling a bit overwhelmed as you venture into the new world of food prepping. Remember that it’s just food so as long as you’re cooking in a sanitary kitchen with fresh products, you can’t really mess it up too badly. Use the above pillars of importance to perfect your craft. Have fun, be creative, and get prepping!

Or, We Recommend… Have a Professional Prep For You!

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