Making Healthy Eating Decisions During Times of High Stress

Posted by Strong4Me Fitness on Feb 27, 2019

Stress has a way of helping us make the worst decisions. It’s easy to grab fast food or skip a workout when you’re feeling overwhelmed. But, we all know that those decisions come back to bite us and add even more stress. It’s a vicious cycle and things should be easier. The great news is that making healthy eating and nutrition decisions can help set you up for success. Even when you’re stressed out of your mind!

Here’s a few quick ways you can set yourself up for getting stronger and building a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Fill your home with healthy foods!

One way you can prevent yourself from making poor food choices is by keeping those temptations out of your house. Find healthy foods that you love and enjoy and fill your pantry with these great decisions! Nuts, dark chocolate, fruits and veggies are great choices. We’re not about ridding your home of every vice, but by treating junk food like treats and eating them in moderation can help with your shift to sustainability.

Pack your Purse!

During times of high stress, your body may be using more calories so it is not unusual to feel hungry. Keep healthy snacks close at hand for these moments. You’ll curb the hunger and be able to deal with your stressors without experiencing another vending machine candy bar crash. Try to choose foods that will keep you feeling satisfied like vegetables, peanut butter, hummus, fruits, seeds and hard boiled eggs.

Work it OUT!

It is AMAZING how setting aside even 30 minutes each day can melt stress away. With Strong4Me Fitness we’ve built a program that helps to battle stress and grow your confidence. It’s easy to make healthy diet decisions when you’re focusing on your health and wellness everyday. No matter how stressed you feel, it’s nothing a few squats can’t handle!

Start your total mind and body transformation today with the Strong4Me Fitness Program!

Meal Prep!

Meal and snack prepping is essential for eliminating stress eating from your life. When you meal prep you’re consciously making healthy foods for the whole week. That’s eliminating about 20, “What should I eat” decisions from your future! Talk about stress relief! If you’ve never meal prepped before, check out this blog. It will get you off on the right foot!

OR, Let someone else do it for you! Kate Upton teamed up with favorite organic fresh food company, Urban Remedy, to bring her fans the food she eats every day. The Kate Upton meal plan is perfect for women who don’t have time to shop and meal prep. The meals are filling, delicious and healthy. They’re the grab’n’go solution you’ve been waiting for!

Check out the Kate Upton Meal Plan from Urban Remedy

Stay Hydrated!!

A lot of stress eating can be curbed with good, old fashioned water. When you’re starting to feel drained and that bag of chips left in the break room is calling your name, grab your water bottle. When you’re stressed, you’re often not actually hungry, just looking for something to do that’s not dealing with the source of your stress.  Don’t let it fool you, sip your water and grab your healthy snacks from your purse, your body will thank you later.

Pro Tip: infusing water with fruit is a fun way to keep things interesting.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

One of the most important things about keeping stress out of your life is to not get stressed about the small stuff. Yes making healthy food choices is important for creating a healthy lifestyle, but if you beat yourself up about the junk food you enjoy you’re just going to add more stress. Our founder Kate Upton has a great philosophy, “I try not to beat myself up whenever I have a cheat meal. Instead I try to enjoy it and be in the moment and take that as inspiration to get back into the gym or back on track.”

Times of high stress do not have to turn into times of binge eating junk food! Even if your stress arrives unexpectedly, like an unwelcome guest, having a plan in place will keep you making healthy eating choices so you do not deter your fitness goals. Stress does pass! Don’t beat yourself up about it!  

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