How Stability Balls Make You Stronger

Posted by Strong4Me Fitness on Mar 21, 2019

You don’t need much equipment to complete the Strong4Me Fitness Program, but one piece of equipment you’ll be happy you had is the Stability Ball. Stability balls are amazing fitness tools that help to tone, strengthen and stabilize your muscles while you workout. They improve balance and provide a versatile way to build strength even with minimal weights.

The Best Stability Ball Exercises to Build Strength

Stability Ball Chest Press

Feel pressed in a good way that will give you the perfectly toned frame. This exercise is designed  to target the chest muscles. It also continues to address the core muscles. To perform this exercise place the back evenly on the ball with feet shoulder width apart. Watch that form! Keep the hips and abdominal area tight. Arms should be slightly bent in half press position. Holding the dumbbells with a firm grip, press them up in the air slowly and bring them back to the starting position. The number of reps can vary, but anywhere from 10-12 should be sufficient.

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Stability Ball Leg Curls

This exercise targets the hamstrings, glutes, and the core. For the best results from this exercise, lie down forward. Press the back evenly to the floor and straighten the legs. Balance the feet on the stability ball. The abdominal area should be tight. While still contracting the ab muscles, raise the hips should off the ground. Pressing the heels into the stability ball, using it to pull the knees back towards the hips. Get as close to the body as possible. Once the ball is up, stretch the legs back out and repeat the process.

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Stability Ball Body Saws

The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the core and improve balance. That’s what it’s designed for. To perform this exercise place the forearms on the stability ball and get into a plank position. Keep the body straight and toes on the ground. The feet can be shoulder width apart. Roll the ball using the forearms. Then bring the ball toward the abdominal area.  Push it back and forth in a sawing motion, hence the name “body saw.”

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Stability Ball Reverse Fly

The reverse fly exercise targets the shoulders and deltoids. To get started with this, place the abdominal area on the ball so the chest is off the ball. Grab a set of weights. Light weights work best for this routine. Raise the arms in a backward motion, squeezing at the top of the lift. There are a few variations to this exercise. One is to bend the elbow and pull back. Another is keeping the arms straight while continuing to use the same motion.

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Stability Ball Wall Squats

If you’re looking for a way to boost your strength with the Strong4Me Fitness Program, amplify your squats with your stability ball. A stability ball wall squat will strengthen the glutes, quads, and core.

The best way to perform this exercise is to stand straight up and press the stability ball between the back and the wall. The ball will be a barrier between the body and the wall. Bend the knees and sit down in a squatting position so that the ball rolls up and down the back. Keeping the ball between you and the wall makes you really work for the movement, it increases balance and ensures you have correct form.

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Stability balls can are safe for all fitness levels and ages with proper use. They come in a range of sizes and even shapes to help tighten muscles and improve strength with the exercises above. If you’re not comfortable on your stability ball quite yet, stay the course with your Strong4Me Fitness program. The moves are designed to get you gradually stronger, by the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll be busting out “Frog-Style Leg Curls” on your ball with ease!

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