Eating with Purpose: Healthy Foods to Support your Success

Posted by Strong4Me Fitness on Apr 24, 2019

You’ve finally found a workout routine that you like and actually produces visible changes you can celebrate. Fit, feminine, healthy and glowing – you love the new you that’s emerging. You also know that eating the right foods can enhance your new self.

When you’re fueling your body for success there are a few factors you need to take into consideration. First is the food you’re feeding yourself healthy? Where does it come from? And does it benefit your goals and a sustainable lifestyle. Yea, acai bowls are trendy and cute, but are you able to make them a staple of your everyday life? Learning the fundamentals of nutrition can help you make your own healthy, delicious meals but also help you choose the right food for your goals when you are out and about.

“When I’m eating healthy and staying active, I feel the best about myself and my body. That’s why consistency through a sustainable, practical program is key for me.”

Passionate For Proteins

The power of protein is remarkable. Some people claim they feel a physical rush when they consume protein-rich foods. Protein is what your body needs to build lean, strong muscles. Lean meat, like roasted, skinless turkey breast, is loaded with muscle building protein and amino acids, both of which help muscle development. Eggs, salmon and other fish are also an ideal protein source that builds muscle and trims fat. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, beans and nuts are a practical and powerful source of for a rich protein. And best of all, all types of protein stimulate your metabolism three to four times more than carbs or fat. Choosing a protein with each of your meals is a great idea and an even better idea for a nourishing snack on the go. Think about keeping nuts in your purse for emergency hunger pains.

Garden Party


There was a reason your parents nagged you to eat your vegetables: they’re great for your body and brain. Almost every single veggie is filled with nutrients and minerals your body needs to perform, recover and sustain your healthy lifestyle. Better yet, vegetables are versatile, mix them with other healthful foods like pasta or burrito fillings, use them raw as salad ingredients or quick snacks on the go. Green veggies are great for your entire body. Spinach and broccoli are both loaded with calcium, fiber and other important nutrients. Sweet potatoes contain over 100% of your recommended daily supply of beta carotene, a robust dose of iron, and an abundant amount of vitamins C and E. Tomatoes, always ranked in the top five favorite foods across America, are treats that make your body lean and powerful. Use them in salads, slice them for a side dish, pack them in your purse for a juicy snack on the go, or make a hearty sauce.

Dairy Delights

Dairy is an amazing source of delicious protein, vitamin D and calcium. Everyone knows that calcium is essential for bone health, but what many people don’t realize that the calcium in dairy is also a fundamental nutrient for muscle movement and growth. A glass of milk, a stick of cheese or a cup of yogurt can help you perform at your peak and protect your bones and muscles from damage!  

Water, Water, Water!


You need to hydrate to keep your body moving and working. Keeping a reusable water bottle on you at all times helps to remind you to drink but also helps you flush out excess vitamins and toxins while hydrating your muscles and body. Getting bored of your water? Add fruit and cucumbers for a hint of flavor! Keep it interesting and keep the water flowing.

Whole Grain Carbohydrates

Just like vegetables and fruits, whole grains are essential to good health. Carbs like quinoa, brown rice and sprouted grain breads are great for energy, fiber and make for a filling addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Making oatmeal for breakfast is a great way to start the day and keeping seed crackers on hand is perfect for a crunchy, salty snack on the go!

“I’ve learned that when I motivate myself to eat healthier, work out and recover properly, it helps me sustain a healthy lifestyle to get my confidence level back where it needs to be”

Creating a sustainable lifestyle isn’t difficult, but it does take consistency and dedication. Making small changes everyday and not beating yourself up about going off course every once in a while is the key to happiness and finding the healthy food you love!

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