Creating the Perfect Space for Home Workouts

Posted by Strong4Me Fitness on Nov 19, 2018

You don't need a gym to get fit!

Your home can be your castle and your gym. Dedicating a space in your home for workouts is a smart way to achieve your fitness goals. Once you create the perfect space for home workouts – whether a shared area or a dedicated room, you’ll find that it motivates you to get that workout in every day, and you can never fall back on the excuse that you don't have the time. You’re already in your yoga pants, all you need to do is grab your Strong4Me Fitness Guide and make your way to the living room!

Choosing Your Ideal Workout Space

Strong4Me was made with for women who are short on time and space. The exercises are powerful, but don’t take very much room to execute. The length of a yoga mat is really all you need! This means that any space can be a workout space. From the confines of a dorm room, living room, bedroom or hotel room you have all the room you need to become stronger in 30 minutes each day. The goal is to create a space that safely meets your workout needs while motivating you to keep moving day after day. Select a space that is airy, bright, cool and free from distractions – at least during the time you carve out to workout.

Setting the Workout Ambiance

What sets Strong4Me apart from other workouts is that you truly can workout anywhere, any time. By creating a special space in your home for these workouts, you can help to motivate yourself to get that workout in! Create an ambiance that invites and motivates. Add some aromatherapy candles to help you relax or live plants to increase the room's oxygen. If you like to listen to music while you sweat it out, make sure you have the electronics to play videos and music you can move to. If you have the space, a whiteboard can be great spot to visualize your workout, set goals and share inspirational messages. A fan will keep you cool, and a mirror will open up a smaller space to make it more inviting. If you like to go full-on interior designer, colorful fabric bins, storage ottomans, corner shelves or even an entertainment center can attractively store Strong4Me equipment when not in use. But, you don’t have to do any of that to create an effective workout space in your home. All you really need is your body and your Strong4Me Fitness Guide!

Finding the Room For Equipment

The Strong4Me Fitness Program is built around body weight exercises so that you can get fit with minimal equipment. The largest piece of equipment you’ll use in this program is a stability ball, luckily those don’t take up too much space. Your foam roller and rolled up yoga mat will fit nicely in a corner or closet and the weights you use can be stored in a drawer, underneath a table or neatly stacked in the same corner as your mat when you’re not using them. This workout routine was built to complement your lifestyle, not complicate it. You’ll find that once you get into the groove of working out and have your dedicated space that it will become a constant reminder and source of motivation for your workouts.

Kate Upton understands better than most women how difficult it can be to fit fitness into a busy schedule. This struggle led her to Ben Bruno, and his philosophy guided the creation of Strong4Me. You don’t have to have a lot of space, you don’t have to have a lot of time, all you need to success with Strong4Me is the drive to become the best version of yourself possible. Making room in your living space is the first step towards becoming stronger every day, and the next step is making that space your own.

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