Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Posted by Strong4Me Fitness on Apr 10, 2019

Health is wealth and the best way to stay healthy is to eat right and keep your body moving with regular exercise. However, working out every day can become repetitive - and even boring - for those that don’t love the process of sweating, and burning calories through exercise. If you don’t discover a way to remain interested in your workouts, you may become so unmotivated that you eventually quit altogether.

If you’re finding that your workout is becoming dull and you’re beginning to lose your drive to exercise, hit up a friend and find a workout partner! There are many benefits to a workout partner. Who knows, your sister in sweat may be the key that transforms your entire workout and lifestyle.

What are the Benefits of a Workout Partner?

Competitive Fun for you Both We all love a good, clean competition, right? Well, when you have a solid partner that is willing to work out with you regularly, you can push one another even further during your Strong4Me sessions. Having a workout partner also adds a layer of accountability to your fitness plan. You BOTH have to show up. If you’re not feeling it on Monday, she could be the motivation to get you through your set of RDLs, and you can be the reason she peels herself out of bed on a Saturday to get a fun cardio session in! When women work together we all succeed!

"Especially in the past, people wanted to get in shape for a wedding or a dress size, but this is for yourself," she says. "This is to empower yourself, for you to get strong for your everyday life. It's not for anyone else."

Your Workout will seem to Go Faster We all know that time flies when you’re having fun. While you’re chatting it up with your partner, you’ll notice your cardio days fly by. Your most intense routines can go by much faster when you have someone by your side, enduring the same pain and difficulties, but never stopping. The right partner will always push you to go harder, faster and stronger. It’s your job to do the same for them.You’ll find that your workouts are no longer the moments that you dread or can’t seem to find time for. Instead, they will become the times that you look forward to.

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Bond with a Current or New Friend Let’s face it - life happens. Sometimes, we can lose touch and not communicate as frequently with friends we once had. Why not reach out to that friend you haven’t seen in a while? Consider also people that you’ve met and had a good connection with but haven’t gotten a chance to know each other on a deeper level. Do they love to work out, or even if they don’t love it, are they looking to boost their confidence and try something new? Why not see if they’d be interested in partnering up? It’s a great way to bond and reconnect with someone new or old in your life. You’d be surprised how much you can learn, communicate and express during a workout session. Workouts with a partner can prove to be very therapeutic.

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What Should I Look for in a Workout Partner?

Your workout partner should have a personality and mindset that matches yours. This doesn’t mean you want an exact match of yourself, however. Quite the opposite, as your partner, should be a delicate balance of your personality traits and their own unique idiosyncrasies. Find someone that knows how to make you laugh because when you’re laughing through a workout, you’re having FUN! Your partner should also be willing to commit to the 12-week Strong4Me Fitness Program, which means you need someone that is dependable.

Having a friend in fitness can make all the difference. When you’re getting strong for yourself, your friends will notice and, hey, the more the merrier right?! Let’s fill the world with strong, confident women! What are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present!

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